Your Cosplay photos !

The costume is extremely important to us! b We try to make each of you look great in it!

Your opinion is extremely important to us, and the photos you send us are the culmination of work on commissions.

Jhin - League of Legends

Costume for Gianluca consisting of a sewing outfit and armor.

The clothes were hand-painted with patterns to match the perfect color. The shoulder pad is a 3D print which, despite being printed, is light and sits nicely on the shoulder of the person wearing the outfit. Armor on the hand is a combination of EVA foam and 3D printing

13.07.2023, Italia

Clea - Marvel

Cosplay for Chloe is mainly a sewn outfit.

The materials were made of printed fabric, the pattern was previously designed in accordance with the reference image and the cosplayer's dimensions.

01.10.2022, United Kingdom


Armor for Sydney's well-known and beloved Godzilla.

Armor is primarily foam, designed and cut on a CNC laser, properly processed to look like reptile skin.

A great element is the tail with LED backlight. Despite its size, it holds perfectly thanks to the designed frame

06.10.2023, USA

Pantheon - League of Legends

Big armor for Skyan made entirely of EVA foam.

It consists of many elements that are connected to each other to make it easier to dress and transport.The helmet and shield are illuminated with LED light

20.04.2024, Germany

Faerie Court Ezreal - League of Legends

A costume for Ryan that combines many techniques.

Printed fabrics, laser cut wings, eva foam armor, and fabric wrapping

The wings for this figure were a challenge because they are large and must be light - our team once again did well.
Thanks Ryan that we could do such a super project for you and for the Photos sent !

29.07.2023, USA

Nier Brother - Nier Replicant

Cosplay costume commissions for Matthew is a sewn uniform with decorative applications made using the floc foil method. The accessories are 3D printed chains, the leg armor is made of eva foam.You can also order a weapon in the set.

25.12.2022, USA

Bass exe - Mega Man

This time we made only a single element - a shield - a wolf's head for Marcus.

The shield is made entirely of EVA foam, the eyes have LEDs, and the eyes in the form of small squares are reflective foil.

08.12.20224, Germany