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Start Your Cosplay adventure

Ordering a custom cosplay commission starts with choosing a design, discussing details.

it's recommended to order the entire costume - then we can match all the elements in terms of color or our aesthetics - like shoes, wigs, props/swords.

Custom Order


We have many years of experience in creating costumes.

Over 300 full custom cosplay commission made!

500 accessories and lots of shoes, bags, wigs and much more!

With experience from thousands of hours spent on the battlefield with a wide range of costumes, we're able to tackle difficult themes, but we also happily take on smaller projects.


We like to immerse diodes in resin, polish cold casting castings or create the effect of goat legs, e.g. Kindred, we also glow in the dark - viego's sword.

We love accessories such as juicy prints on lycra/satin or suede.

Tailoring in general - most costumes with armor and accessories hide many details and beautiful tailoring.

Our designs are supported by CNC laser plotter technology -

thanks to which we will obtain a perfectly precise effect !

For more info

Order separately, prop and costume or full

If you are only interested in part of the costume you can order, for example only the wig.